Heaven & Earth

Heaven is my father
Earth is my mother

Heaven is my blanket
Earth is my bed 

Heaven is my meta
Earth is my physical

In Heaven I live.
In Earth I dwell.



Horizon reminding infinity
Sand castle the impermanace
Non-stop-Waves the constant movement

In and around, within and out, beyond and beneath…
Lies the beauty, the meaning, the lesson, the understanding.

Oh the Mighty!
Always answering with a smiling grace…
Portraying the beauty and harmony

May we all remember to be grateful,
May the beauty and harmony you portray remind us of That.


Love and light.



Mirror Mirror 

Mirror Mirror,Show me who they really are?

Her? She is fun. Yes! You are fun! 

Him? I love his depth. Yes! Yes you are deep! 

Her? She is a bitch. Yes! You are a bitch 

Her? She is a spoiled brat.Yes! You are a spoiled brat

Her? She is so lucky.Yes! You are so lucky 

Him? He has a love/hate relationship. Yes! You have a love/hate relation with you

Him? Oh he is the cutest dog ever.Yes! You are the cutest ever! 

Oh! Mirror mirror I want to see them. 

Yes you are! Yes you are! 

Don’t you see?!Don’t you see?!


Blooming one

Oh blooming one!

Do you have a soul?

Tell me do you have a soul?

Or are you the soul?

For you are so fragrant

For your fall is also so graceful


Oh blooming one

Do you have a life?

Tell me do you have a life?

Or are you life itself?

For you are so giving

For butterflies visit you so often


Oh Blooming one!

Tell me your secret

To be the soul, to be the life

For I can be so graceful

For I can be so giving

Oh Blooming one!

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A Prayer to the Eternity

Give me the patience you have with me 
Fill me in with your essence ; in harmony with my current nature 
Help me cope through this time of metamorphosis 
Help me to love me and others as you love
Help me to free me as you have freed me 
Help me be true to my soul now and always 
Handhold me to rise above the constructed constraints of this world 
For I am a mere mortal with your immortal essence 
I turn towards you like a blossomed sunflower
For there is only you in truth. Only you. 
Offering you my gratitude for all that IS.